Oh Dear Lord What Have You Done..


The chief repair technician at the shop I worked in is a resourceful fellow. He is never really beaten by any of the insanely complex tasks that flood in on him – the broken shutters, the filthy lenses, the DSLR mirrors that have fallen off ( and those of you who have Canon EOS 5D Mk II cameras can now stare fixedly at the ceiling and check it for cracks…). He copes with them all. I have seen him entirely remake…not reassemble…re-make… the shutter for a 1930’s Leica from the raw materials. Now THAT is skill.

And I saw him deal with a camera that had been to a volcano. One of the long-time professional clients of the shop is the kind of hero that goes into gold mines up the side of mountains and takes his Canon cameras down into live volcanoes. No, I don’t know why – I just know he does.

When he went to the volcano the sulphur fumes that coated him and the cameras turned with moisture to sulphuric acid which ate its way into the cameras through the magnesium bodies – I believe he said that this was so bad that it ate away the attachments for the camera straps from the body. It also eventually caused one of the Canon 5D Mk II or III cameras to fail. He brought it in for repair. ( resurrection? ) The tech found actual sulphur flowers grown  on components on the mother board…

The technician got it going again.

No, I have not seen the thoracic radiographs for the photographer, but I have heard him wheeze. No, I do not propose to spend my holidays documenting volcanoes.



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