My Opinion On The New Bugatti Veyron


As I am a retired person with very little income and no driving coordination to speak of I feel I simply MUST voice my criticism and disapproval of the new Bugatti Veyron. The fact that I have never seen one – and never will…and cannot afford one – and never will…means that I am the perfect critic for the design. After all, I have a keyboard and nothing to do. What more could you want in an expert?

If you can stomach that you should have no difficulty understanding the forum and Facebook critics of the new photographic equipment that has just been announced at Photokina 2016. They show a similar relevance to myself.

The fact that the new cameras and lenses have just now hit the trade stand and are not even in their final production form has not deterred the social posting experts from finding fault with them and saying how disappointed they are – disappointed in products that they can never aspire to. Disappointed in products that do more than they have ever dreamed of.

It does put one in mind of Aesop, a fox, and a bunch of grapes…

PS: I do not disapprove of Bugatti. I think they are lovely. I’m a bit more circumspect about the owners, but…


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