Removing People From The Frame


I see that there is another new program being hawked about the screens that is designed to remove people from images. The sales pitch says that you can make a unique experience of a museum visit by taking out everyone else who was there… are also having unique experiences.

I assume this is so that you can give the impression that you are the only art or dinosaur  lover in town…or that the museum opens just for you.Or possibly that you cannot face people…in any event I hope they intend it for the actual gallery space and not to clear the coffee shop.

Scott Keillor wrote that the task for photographers is to show other people what it is that we see. Surely if what we see is other people also seeing what we see, that is what we should show. The professional art illustrator or architectural photographer takes unobstructed views at special times with massive assistance from the galleries – and they are taken for professional purposes. If we are visiting and snapping, the people in there with us are part of the snap.

Sometimes they are the best part of the show…


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