The Best Of Everything


This is a post paralleling one on my other private blog site ” Here All Week” at I’m also going to use the idea in the commercial column I write for Camera Electronic in Perth, Western Australia. All three columns will contain different material but they all have a common theme: contentment. And they all have a common origin – hanging out the washing this morning.

Note that – washing, hanging out…which implies having enough clothing and bed linen to be able to wash it, having water, soap and something to wash it in, a clothesline that does not fall down all the time, and enough sunshine to get the stuff dry. When the basket comes in dry at 4:30 PM it will be as good a feeling as winning the Grand National Lottery. Better – the lottery wouldn’t smell as fresh.

In specific small areas of cameras and lenses there can be bests. Best value, best resolution, best build, best AF speed, etc. But understand that rarely are all the factors combined in one product. You can get some goods that have been designed and marketed with a peak specification to achieve this ‘ best ‘ designation, but when you look further into their technical information you find that it has come at the expense of something else.

None of the technical sheets take into account the user – their needs, their hopes, their skills, their intelligence. The sales plans really only take into account the amount of money the makers would like to have, and sometimes they forget that the buyers would also like to retain that money. In the case of some recent foolish ventures by respected camera firms the degree of consumer resistance has been astonishing.

So – this is to suggest to all the people who have been dazzled by Photokina 2016 that there is no real best to keep searching for. By all means search for good, adequate, useful, appropriate, understandable, and affordable. If you search hard enough for this and are honest with yourself you will likely find it, and you may actually arrive at contentment.

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