Put The Camera Away Again, Sam. Photokina Is Over


flaI love to see the shining little faces of the photographers around the Photokina tree every two years as the Magical New Camera Fairy makes her visit and shows each little boy and girl the wonderful new world of photo toys that will be their very own…soon. When? Soon…soon…

And that can be not any time soon, Soony and Cher, or mon-soon. It can also be two years from now when the new Camera Fairy pulls on the spangled tights and hauls the same new toys out of the prototype bin at the factory. A quick blow-off of the dust and there we go for more magic promises.

If this sounds a bit cynical I apologise. I thought I had written it as terrifically cynical. I’ll add more cynical. There, sour enough?

Already the manufacturers are weaseling out of the release dates they mentioned a very short time ago. The weeks are going to stretch into months in some cases and I wouldn’t be surprised if a number of definite promises disappear over the eastern horizon and do not re-appear. It happened last time and the time before.

Of course, there will be valid excuses. Earthquakes in Japan certainly do disrupt the business and they are pretty un-avoidable…unless you relocate the factories to South Australia where nothing has been shaken loose for 10,000 years…no, scrub that…you need electricity to make cameras…

I would be refreshed to see a manufacturer who has shown some marvellous new game-changer at Photokina 2016 come right out and admit that the camera they were displaying under glass was made of marzipan and the real release date that will see it in the stores will be sometime after the Earth falls into the Sun. If they further state that they are hoping that it will distract the attention of the press long enough for them to re-organise their tripod screw division…the only profitable bench in the whole factory…I will buy a new screw just out of admiration.


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