Not Too Proud To Benefit

dscf3756If you are going to be a big deal in photography you have to TAKE CONTROL:

First you take control of your credit card and buy $ 6000 worth of camera and lens.

Then you set the ISO, the shutter speed, the White balance, the AF mode, the aperture, the compensation, the burst rate, the bracket spread, the compression, the film simulation, the colour space,  and 18 more criteria. If you can run a Norden bomb sight at 8000 ft over Schweinfurt in a flak barrage you should be fine.

When you bring your images home you plug them into your $6000 computer and run thm through a simple program that requires about 24 more settings. This may seem a little harsh, but remember YOU ARE IN CONTROL.

I’m not. Not at all. I’m a small deal. And I love it.

I took my little Fujifilm X-T10 to the York Car Museum. I had been there a year before with it and a new 18-135 f:2.8-4 lens. I clapped on an EF -42 flash then and did the rounds of the place and had a splendid time…as I always do in car museums. There were some off exposures but then I was learning the equipment. This time I decided to try out just a 27mm lens and the on-board flash to see if it would be possible to use only that as a tourist rig for Melbourne.

dscf3730 dscf3732 dscf3734On the spur of the moment I decide to switch on the auto mechanism under the shutter dial. It blanks off most of the options that the camera presents and just uses its own judgement to deliver a JPEG image. It even switches to a constantly searching focus – much like some of the Sony cameras do – so you need to make sure you have plenty of battery power.


What does it work like? It works splendidly. I use the results for my reportage and the colour, focus, and exposure are perfect for my purposes. It really is the point and shoot mode brought to a better sensor and lens. It encourages me to take the leap of faith and settle upon it for the annual vacation without taking a big multizoom or extra primes. The goal of a lightweight image machine is almost here.

dscf3737 dscf3736Note: the 28 f:2.8 is lovely but just a little cramped in angle of view for car museums and shows. I’ll get a 23mm f:2 for the trip and call it done. If I find that I leave the Ef-42 in the suitcase for most of the week I shall consider it a roaring success.



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