And It Starts Yet Again

dscf9544The saga in April and May with two failing Apple computers – 2008 and 2009 models – led to them being discarded and replaced with a new iMac. Simple editing programs were loaded,  the printer/scanner/card reader connected, and off we went. Both Adobe Lightroom 6 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 worked flawlessly until this evening.

Then the heading image flashed on the screen as the computer started up…and the Adobe programs both refused to open. The scanner program refused to open.

Fortunately all the images I depend upon are safely off in a Drobo storage drive. So now it is a phone call and a two-hour slice of the day lost tomorrow to get it to the firm that sold it to me. Well within any warranty period…

The prospect of a busy dance show/party/wedding season with the computer into the repair shop is a very unpleasant one. I am starting to wonder if Apple products are going to be viable for me in the future. I should be sad to return to PC and the odd pathways  of operation, but reliability is paramount for me.


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