Can You Take My Picture?

dscf7355I am starting to think that being out with a real camera when everyone around me is using a mobile phone or tablet to take pictures is making me a marked man. I hope any notice taken is friendly – I don’t mind standing out like a sore thumb but not to people with hammers…

Of course it can be the other way – people see me as a professional and ask for their photo to be taken properly. This occurred at the Government House Open Day when two veteran car enthusiasts saw me carefully lining up for detailed motor shots and asked me if I would make a deliberate set of exposures  for them. Nothing could have given me greater pleasure…and I hope that my business cards will encourage them to contact me further so I can get the images to them.

It is not so common for vintage and veteran car enthusiasts to dress the part with their cars – though they generally dress well enough. Their colleagues in the hot rod fraternity might dress in 50’s gear on special occasions but frequently just settle for black tee shirts and track pants. Their cars may be immaculate but they are generally not…

I was dressed in late Victorian style for the day – a little too early for the Vauxhall or the Ford depicted here – but the sort of clothing that blends in pretty near anywhere. Fortunately with large, roomy pockets to store the accessories I need. The tripod I used for the exposures was a wooden one and, while the camera is a disguised digital, the whole makes a pretty good period impression. This must have been what drew the Ford Model T owner to ask – like calls to like across the green sward.

dscf7362In truth, I would be delighted if more car owners were to ask me to concentrate especially on their cars – I have plenty of time and all the equipment I need, and would be more than happy to go to location shoots all over the state. It’s a professional genre that already his served by established studios and magazines, but I still think I could contribute some beauty to it.

So the answer is  –  Yes. I can take your picture.



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