Sunday With The Governor

dscf7271-1In Western Australia we have a Governor. She is a lady who has been appointed by the Queen upon the advice of our state parliament. None of us feel all that governed by her, but she is a very intelligent and kindly person nevertheless and we are fortunate that she occupies this ceremonial position. Once a year she opens Government House for a spring garden party and sets out any number of interesting things for people to see; the vice-regal Rolls Royce, the Army pipe band, the drawing room and dining room of the main building, and a number of people dressed as Governor’s guards of various historical periods.

dscf7344All it needed was a suitable gentleman’s casual attire, a wooden tripod, and a simulated box camera. The Moriarty Portrait Camera was pressed into service with an external flash. The flash was radio-controlled and shot into a white Mag Mod diffuser. Not a period look for the flash, but that is a matter for further development. Suffice it to say that it worked a treat and filled in shadows on a bright day.

These affairs are always a little fraught as there is a small percentage of smart alecks in any crowd who wish to make themselves feel clever by deriding the costumed people. Young re-enactors can be put off by this but we older ones welcome it as a chance to deal out one liners. I was taken to task by a couple of tee shirt-clad wisenheimers over the fact that the camera is a digital one adapted for role-playing.

I’m happy to say I kept my cool and dealt with them on a humorous basis, though if they went home and reflected carefully on what actually was said they would have been enraged. I do not imagine that this was the case, however, as they did not strike me as people who would reflect on anything.

dscf7302aThe end result of the day was a series of carefully posed images of the soldiery that will be reworked as historical images. There were several veteran cars as well – a credit to their owners – that will feature in the Here All Week blog. And I gathered enough material to write three paid blog posts…a profitable day.




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  1. So very awesome…. 🙂

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