If ACME Made Cameras


We’ve all seen and admired the ACME Manufacturing Company products that have featured in the Roadrunner cartoons. Wile E. Coyote has a direct line of credit with them for anything that he needs; giant sky-rockets, robot knives and forks, slingshots, etc.

The products are top-notch. They are delivered in classic cardboard boxes, clearly identified as to source and contents, and never seem to arrive with any form of damage, despite there being no evidence of foam packaging or cardboard divisions inside the cartons.

They always work – and work first time. They work well – indeed their giant sky-rockets that Wile E. ties himself to go off faster than a Polaris missile on nothing more than a fuse and a match. The Navy could have studied the cartoon screen there in the 50’s and 60’s when they were trying to perfect their systems.

The fact that the ACME products never bring the Roadrunner onto Wile E’s dinner plate is neither there nor there. ACME are not responsible for where he points the rockets nor the location of rocks and trees in the flight path. And their air-bursts are flawless, in spite of the fact that the coyote is tied to the body of the vehicle.

I’m willing to bet that ACME never has to recall a product or service a warranty. If they made cameras their DSLR mirrors would not come unglued, their sensors would not have oil on them, and their mounts would not fall off the front of the camera.

Beep Beep!



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