Steam Week – Part One – Pirates and Fairies


Overseas and interstate readers of this column might not appreciate the next few days – local Perth people may. I am giving over the week to showing pictures of a Steampunk Ball held last Saturday. In the absence of a dedicated website to display proof sheets and take commercial orders, this will have to do.

But. But. But, I am not taking commercial orders. I am offering images to people to please and amuse – to develop friendships – to meet new studio models with a sense of theatrical adventure. In short – to continue the fun of Steampunk that I enjoyed on Saturday.

Steampunk isn’t new to Perth any more than it is to Europe or North America. We’ve had balls before, and most were fun – more or less. As with any recreation, those determined to enjoy themselves will do so, and those determined to be miserable will succeed in that department. I’ve seen both groups at work.

But enough flannel until tomorrow. Here are the first images:









Do they look like you? Would you like a physical print or a large electronic image? Contact me on my email address  – it is there on the flyer I handed you on the night. Or go through the comment section of this WordPress weblog. I will be happy to oblige.




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