Steam Week – Part Three – Serious Fun

dscf7470Some fun activities are more serious than others. I used to shoot muzzle-loading rifles and they were deadly serious. Fun, but the kind of fun that bites hard if you are not 100% vigilant. We were able to combine the sport of target shooting with hunting in the bush and re-enacting on ceremonial parades, but in each instance we had to be absolutely alert for safety. It worked – I might be slightly deaf now but I have no bullet holes in me.

Other fun, like the fun of Steampunk – can be done with leeway. You need not have all the goodies straight off and you need follow no sealed uniform or equipment pattern. You can define your own place in the spectrum and shine to please yourself. Most other enthusiasts will support you in this – the photographers will certainly do so, as the chance for spectacle increases the more you get into the genre. All it needs is some support structure to become immersive theatre.

The heading image is the venue – Rigby’s Bar. Steampunk events have been held in Government House and the WA Museum as well as commercial premises, but a bar is one of the best choices you can make. Food and drink go a great way toward breaking down people’s reserve, and if there is entertainment as well, the party has a chance to swing. It’s not too much to say that you can dress as silly as you like but you have to eat and drink earnestly.


dscf7591dscf7613dscf7614dscf7616dscf7617dscf7581dscf7688dscf7571dscf7496dscf7514You’ll have to forgive the picture of Emlyn at the end there, but it points out what I was saying about food and drink. Rigby’s does good service – any pub in the heart of Perth that serves corporate events has to be good at it – Australians will not tolerate bad beer or bad pub food. dscf7440Anyone who plans to run Steampunk events needs to make sure that the partygoers will be fed and watered. Plus a pirate’s gotta eat…




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