Steam Week – Part Six – The Fashionatics

dscf7664What is fashion? It is the same thing as art. And, for the matter, much the same thing as accounting and international finance. It is whatever you make of it.

Steampunk people in Western Australia make fun of it…but not in the sense of deriding it. What I mean is they regard it as a platform upon which to base an enjoyable social time – as yet it does not seem to have engendered the rivalry and despair that can overtake other forms of art or sport in this town. So far everyone is talking to each other.

It does not stop them from using the visual aspects of the hobby as contestable material – the fashion parade at the recent Pirate And Fairy Steampunk ball attracted quite a few entrants to the lineup. The presentation was similar to a number of pin-up contests held at events here – a quick walk through for the audience, a hurried judge’s consultation, and a prize presented to the winner. In the case of the Steampunk Ball, it was a clean contest and a clear winner. And I hope that this sort of fun theme will present itself at every big event – it can only stimulate the hobby.

Note for those who did not win: you still got to wear your finery and eat and drink with friends and companions. That’s a win on any Saturday night.

So, the contestants:



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