Fanboyrumoursite – The Most Common Mineral In The Universe


Well, it almost seems like that, doesn’t it? If you dip into the rumour sites for all the major camera makers you find everything from shameless huckstering for the big US mail-order houses to equally shameless self-abuse by keyboard ghosts who wish they owned a camera but can’t actually bring themselves to pay money for one.

Not that I am criticizing hucksterism or self-abuse. It is what the industry is made of. Indeed, it is what many industries are made of…

The business of selling a rumour is no different from that of selling an idea. Or a lie. You must do it by putting enough decoupling junctions between yourself and the information that lawyer for the outraged cannot pursue you. ” Unnamed sources” or ” Anonymous ” take the place of any real news. ” Surveys ” are instituted that supposedly are fed back to the manufacturing companies. ” Hot Tips ” are promulgated. And it all has the undoubted atmosphere of Mom’s Basement about it.

We read the shit. We believe the shit. We pore over the shit statistics that turn in on to themselves looking for validation. And it is all as useful as listening to drunks in a bus shelter. In truth all we need to do is watch the mainstream press for the company announcements…because that is where the stuff comes from anyway.

Being prepared by a rumour is no more help than consulting the Oracle of Delphi. In the end is all just gas and gush. You might as well read Ken Rockwell and look at his Route 66 pictures…



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