The Bull Sheet* – Part One – Why Is A Newspaper?

dscf9590I think I should have asked this question 40 years ago when there were more newspapers about the place – when we had the Daily News and the Sunday Times and our local suburban tear sheet contained something more than punning column headers and boring accounts of the nasty remarks passed in Council chambers. When the paper was not made up of 75% real estate advertisements. Of course I should also have to rewind the local society back to a time when the real-estate agents did not have their faces on every bus shelter and council rubbish bin…

But why is it now? Just to sell houses and land? As a vehicle for car yards to offer vehicles? is there any news that is fit to print…that never gets printed?

Time for some systems analysis. The daily city paper and the weekly local paper will be dissected with a view to seeing just how much actually is editorial content. Of that, we also want to see how much is actual news. I suspect not a lot – the television and radio beat the newspaper for immediacy of information, and are frequently beat in turn by the internet. SO the newspaper must be showing something else of value.

After I discover it, I am going to see if it can be got on a smaller scale and shown through the private weblog system. I don’t think I can aspire to the literature of the Saturday Evening Post or Look on the computer screen, but I reckon I could go better than the present sort – a REIWA puff sheet disguised as a local paper – there has to be a better journalistic platform, even if it is a narrow one.

Keep reading.

*Bull Creek’s daily no-paper news


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