Surfing The Back Of The Wave


We’ve all seen the fabulous pictures of surfboard riders dashing down the front of some massive wall of water – hands dipping into the solid green as the wave curls over. Rocks treacherously exposed on the bottom of the shore and the ocean alive with sharks and Soviet submarines. No – one could fail to be excited by it. If you can add a half-clad girl with blonde hair in the foreground the art is complete.

No-one ever looks at the back of the wave  – where the too-late surfers are practicing the same sort of bravado…but on water that is moving away from them and leaving them becalmed.

I predict the same sort of commercial success for the latest crop of action cameras. The ones that have been brought out with all the newest features by the long-established leaders of DSLR technology. The Photokina 2016 stars that did not twinkle.

No names, no pack drill. These people still make wonderful DSLR cameras. They make lovely compact cameras. They wish they made a good mirrorless system, but…and they obviously wish that they had thought of the GoPro before GoPro did…and certainly before GoPro took all the 1º, 2º and 3º sales for this class of device.

It’s no fun trying to crack the 4º when everyone who wanted to break their collarbone on video has already done so with a GoPro. No matter how you tout your name and toot your advertising horn, you’re still surfing the back of the wave. And collar bones take time to heal.


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