The Bull Sheet* – Part Two – Press Or Push?

dscf9591We all read what other people write. Don’t believe me? You’re soaking in it…

But what if we read what we wrote? Specifically, what if we wrote newspaper articles that were published daily and we had to buy our own paper for $ 1.50 …what would we write? Remember, we’d have to write something that would get that $ 1.50 out of our pocket…and $ 1.50 is a fair way to the price of a cheap beer.

The first thing to find out is what sort of article we read in other papers, and why we read it. Then we could give us the sort of thing we want. What advertisements do we read, and why? And even more interesting…what sections of the paper do we avoid altogether?

I’m going to do just this in the next week. I’m going to get a different paper from the newsagent each day – unfortunately some of the foreign papers will be more than the $ 1.50. I’ll read ’em the way I want to read ’em but I’ll note how I read ’em…and then I’ll go on to the next part of the cunning plan.

*Bull Creek’s daily no-paper news


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