The Pencil Eraser That Sports Stars Use

eraseIf the title of this post seems a little strange, I can only point to a number of advertisements that have come out recently…since about 1903…that tie in sports celebrities with consumer products. I don’t have complete records of every publication since then but I’d be willing to bet that somewhere along the line some athlete came out in favor of Faber-Castell.

And I would also be willing to bet that the hearty endorsement was paid for – if not in money, in rubber erasers. Somewhere in the world the descendants of a old-time tennis or hockey player are sitting on a stash of rubber blocks that they can’t scribble fast enough to use up.

This was prompted by seeing a Facebook post from a local athlete on her way to India – presumably to play her sport as well as take pictures. She’s selected a very good brand – one I use myself – and a very good model of camera. I hope the staff in my old shop have put  wide-ranging zoom on it and I hope she has some time to study the best settings for her trip. As it is, even setting the thing to automatic will return about 85% of what a tourist needs anyway – no extra skill needed.

It is a funny sort of s speculation in reverse, though. When did we ever see a famous photographer come out in praise of golf balls? Or rubber erasers? It’s hard enough to get them to endorse a camera or light brand, let alone unrelated products. Perhaps the struggling professionals here in Perth should stop trying to pinch each other’s clients or conducting walking tours of the Shenton Park water treatment ponds and instead try for endorsement in the bow tie or industrial gasses market. I’ll bet there is a firm of quantity surveyors or real estate conveyancers who are looking for a poster boy or girl right now.



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