The Extra Image Editing Keyboard

deskAs I sit here typing this I am struck by the elegance of it all. Few things in my life can attract that sort of praise.

There is a slim screen in front of me that displays beautiful colours. It has recognisable icons that do sensible things. The keyboard is wireless and never needs new batteries – just a charge every week for an hour from a USB port.

Likewise, the mouse just gets a weekly charge and otherwise just humbly pushes around the desktop. I can push it or run my finger over the top and it frequently does what I think want it to do…

The Wacom tablet is a sheet of electic paper that I can draw on. I’ve the sort of eye/hand coordination that could drill holes in people’s heads and get paid for it – or at least I did for 40 years – and it is a skill that stands me in good stead using an electric stylus on a computer screen. The great part about doin’ it on-screen is you can’t hit the tongue and get blood everywhere.

All this as preparation to see a new device that is being crowd funded by Finns. A complete new USB-wired keyboard that has all the operating controls for Adobe Lightroom as manual sliders, physical buttons, and finger-sized turning knobs. If you use Lightroom you stop mousing at the screen and start twisting, pushing and shoving. I can’t decide whether it is brilliant or moronic.

And the only real way to find out is to sit down in front of a screen and edit a job in Lightroom with it. Not a small thing, either – a full commercial shoot…something that needs concentration and work. The end result will be the same, presumably, but we want to know whether the pathway to that end result is an easier one to pursue.

I do hope the Finnish company that is kiting this one succeeds with it and that an example comes here to Western Australia. If it gets into one of the main pro shops we can sit down with a 200-image job and find out. It would be time well spent.


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