Drone No. 37…Return To Base…


Come in Drone No.37…Come in Drone No.37…

Oh crap, Sam. Call the lawyers…

The current recall of the GoPro Karma drones for the minor error of falling out of the sky points out the dangers of the things in terms that the makers and the users should all heed. Apparently it has only been a few of the new models and most of them have been performing well, but the company that makes them realises that there is a potential for injury and litigation. The users should also realise this.

And they should remember it when the problem is resolved and the drones are re-released for public use. The things will be fixed, no doubt – the company that makes them is reliable and honourable. They’ll fly again.

But if it is to be you flying them – OR ANY RADIO CONTROLLED MODEL OR DRONE AIRCRAFT – you should also remember that the lawyers engaged by the person you hit with your toy will also be reliable, without necessarily being honourable. If you have a leg to stand on they may remove it and roast it with jacket potatoes and Fauve beans.

Consider well whether your desire to be at the cutting edge of technology and cinematic art goes so far as to also be at the cutting edge of compensation tort law…particularly if you are not the one holding the edge – just the throat.


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