The Blackboard

dscf1072At a 21st party last year I added a small blackboard to the event photo gear. Together with a box of chalk it provided joy as people used it to write messages to the party girl – they took pictures of themselves holding up the sign while wearing costume hats, moustaches, etc. Simple stuff, but fun.

I reprised the idea at a wedding this last weekend, making arrangements for the wedding guests to fill the time in at the reception venue before the bride arrived (…late…). They got to put down loving, humorous, or scathing things and I took a shot apiece. The board was then wiped clean and the only place the messages exist are in the album photos. They will be my little surprise for the bride.

The trick of printing out a couple of hearts with the couples’ names for the top of the board was easy, and chalk is cheap, but you have to remember to take along a white rag to clear the board between shots. It gets a little dusty, so don’t think of changing lenses while you are doing it!

Also, if you are using a flash as I did, you need to get the models to tilt the board a little way toward you when you shoot so that it does not reflect the blast of light. Other than that, and disguising the determination to cause trouble, it is a breeze.



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