The Last Of the Compact Cameras

flapoThat’s what we are being told – that we are seeing the last of the compact cameras. That from now on the smallest thing we can get will be a something with a fixed lens that is too big to fit in a pocket.

If course the Sony, Canon, and Nikon people are not having this – they have produced the latest models of their long-running compacts and are selling them. Olympus has small cameras. Even Fujifilm have the X-70 that can tuck in a pocket.

Kodak have shot off into the design bushes with a phone that looks like a camera in a case…that looks like an old Leica case. We are assured that it is really as good as everything else…I take it that they are comparing it to other Kodak products.

I would also praise Samsung at this stage for some of their small stuff, but most of it seems to have been discontinued or on fire.

But I am not discouraged. Compacts that do not cost $ 10,000 are bound to be more appealing than those that do, and devices that do not need to be carried by a HIAB on the back of a tank transporter will find more buyers. No matter what the chattering press says – at the behest of the phone makers – the compact digital camera still has a place in the pocket or purse of the public.


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