Is There A Happy Medium?

sealed-113Or to put it another way, is there a happy medium format digital camera? And should you strike it…or at least strike the wholesaler’s representative…? With a stick?

Leaving aside my own dark desires and going back to camera design, I say yes. There is a chance for a camera that does what photographers want to do, if the manufacturers will just do it simply. I cannot say whether they have done so as yet, but I am encouraged to think that they may in the future.

A disclaimer: I will never need a medium format digital camera. I don’t even need a full-frame one. I manage very well with the APS-C sensor and if pressed, would do as well or better with the micro 4/3 size. My current choice of camera system is predicated upon the blending of performance and retro feel and I am content to stay with it. But others need other things…

Hasselblad have a mirror – less medium format camera that is too complex and too expensive. But it is lovely to hold. And rare to get. Fujifilm have made a mirror – less camera that is also too complex but not as expensive. They are not available yet. Pentax make a medium format DSLR  that are the cheapest option so far but is limited as to lenses – and is also complex. So the field is still wide open for someone to make cheap enough, good enough, simple enough.

We can hardly expect a digital version of a Kodak Tourist folder but if we could see a fixed-lens medium at under $ 6000 they would sell like hot octopus balls. And in Japan hot octopus balls sell very well.



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