It Just Sits There

flashqAll by itself.

It doesn’t need a stand, or a tripod, or a clamp or a suction cup. It just sits there on its flat little base and works whenever you take a shot.

Well, it hasn’t yet, but I am hoping it will in the future. I have been monitoring the FlashQ  and LightPix site to see how their development of the new accessory flash – the Q20 – is coming along. They promise it, but apparently not quite yet. Go Google them up and see for yourself.

Their flash triggers work brilliantly – I am using two sets at present. The new outboard flash idea will be ideal for many situations where you just DO NOT want to take a car full of lighting gear. It won’t make portraits but it will make wedding breakfast shots and real estate interiors. it should also be perfect for hot rods and car interiors.

The most brilliant part of it, apart from the integral tilt tub, is the square shape both on the flat bottom and the sides, and OPTIONAL hot shoe connection – that you can take off.

I can only pray for their speedy success. I will buy three of them as soon as they hit the market.

Note: I have pinched their image via screen shot to help promote their product. I hope they won’t mind.

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