The March Of Time

dscf0011When it comes to the camera maker’s march of time I cannot help thinking that some of them have either rocket packs or wooden legs – they are either too fast or too slow.

This has arisen due to a rumour that several of the successful Fujifilm cameras are about to be discontinued – and in some cases within two years of introduction. It does not seem to be the Detroit new car-year thing either. Apparently the supplier of sensors has ceased making the vital component for the cameras…leading to a move to conserve supplies of the sensors for cameras in their range that are best sellers.

It means that new designs may need to be accelerated to fill vacancies in the product range…good in a way. But people who need sensor replacements for their current cameras may be told ” Too bad…so sad…”. For a firm that has a sterling reputation for after-sales service and support this must be particularly worrisome.

I privately wonder if the earthquakes that have damaged some Japanese factories robbed the electronics makers of facilities to make the sensors. Is this all a by-product of one of Nature’s disasters? Or is it a natural excuse for an industrial decision?


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