The Lenses We REALLY Want

lenRecently I have been watching the forward advertising for some very strange optics and I wondered if any of the readers were similarly puzzled.

The ones that first got my eye are apparently to be issued by Meyer Optik. They used to be situated in Görlitz in Saxony ( East Germany ) and made a number of lenses for different medium-quality camera makers in the DDR. I owned a Trioplan with a Leica screw mount as well as another whose name escapes me. What has never left me was the sense of horror and shame that overcame me when I saw the results from these two lenses.

I am as sorry now that I sold them away, as I was that I had bought them – they would be a wonderful platform for experiment in flare, coma, chromatic aberration, and linear distortions. I could save myself hours of whacking my slider…

The news that they are reissuing the Trioplan and the Primoplan through Kickstarter – and that they will have one of the latter at f:1.9 in a Fuji X mount at something over $800 AUS is astounding. I can only surmise that Meyer have managed to find all of the old lenses they made in the 1950’s and 60’s and have buried them at the bottom of a mineshaft in Silesia so that no-one can find out what they were really like. That, and fading memories from those who owned them, should open the doors again to a new batch of suckers.

The other lenses that have excited my interest for better reasons are the Trio 28 from Lensbaby – primarily for the Twist lens that promises a cheap replication of Petzval bokeh – and a new macro from Fujifilm that will focus faster than the 60mm one they have at present. The 60mm macro is a fine sharp lens but it is slower than dry rot in a wall. I would be delighted if they made on that was purely manual focus as this mode is all I need for macro now with an old Tokina 35mm f:2.8. I’d be delighted with an aperture ring too.


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