Setting The Sights On A Winning Entry

singapore-2014-655-copyI have been asked to judge pictures again for a local camera club. I am delighted at the invitation, have given a number of dates at which I will be available, and will enjoy  myself immensely on the night…or nights. The pictures they show are frequently excellent and the coffee and biscuits most welcome mid-evening. And this year I will be able to see if a theory I have is correct.

It will depend upon one thing – whether the steering committee of the camera club will tell the members who is going to judge them on the night – an announcement made in time for them to either produce or select images with me in mind*.

If they do not warn people and just smuggle me into the hall in a large cardboard box, all will be well. The entries will have been produced to either the set subject or the artistic taste of the photographers and can be judged accordingly. If they do say who it is to be, the game is a different one…

I have judged for this group 4 times before. On each of the occasions I have told them clearly what my criteria are when looking at a photograph and what makes me accept or reject it. If they listened before and if they want to present their work with the best chance of success, they will pander like mad to my prejudices. This may sound cynical, but then what ARE we to make of art as a competition? If I’m to be elevated to the position of artistic Zeus for a night  they have to expect the occasional thunderbolt.

This year I hope to have a more concrete demonstration of my approach to show them. I have been looking into customised forms of WordPress web presentation and will consult what I hope will prove to be a helpful expert firm to help me do it. You, the readers, will benefit.

Trust me

*  Enormously flattering. Pardon me while I dust my ego off.


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