The $ 1600 Point And Shoot

relonchDP Review is a morning ritual around here and like many rituals, becomes slightly ridiculous when viewed from outside. This week was no exception.

It would appear a firm wishes to sell brightly coloured cameras based upon simplified Samsung NX products. They will have a fixed lens and NO controls save a shutter button and a diopter setting for the viewfinder. There is no memory card in the thing and you do not take your pictures home with you to see on your own computer.

Rather, the device fires them to a satellite somewhere and then on to the company’s cloud storage where they are automatically analysed and corrected for you. You then app up the company’s connection to see your photos on your mobile phone or tablet.

You pay them AUD $ 1600 a year for the camera and the service, but it is not purchase, it is rent.

I think Wow is such an inadequate word…

Note: I do remember the ” Free Film Forever” advertisements of mail-order processing houses in the 35mm camera days that sent you a fresh roll of cheap colour negative film with each overpriced develop and print transaction. Perhaps this is the re-launch of an old business model.

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