The On-Trend Photograph

wedI recently saw a magnificent wedding photograph in a passing Facebook post that praised the wedding as being ” on-trend “. As I had never encountered that precise phrase before I googled it to see what people think it means. It means fashionable.

Thank goodness – that, I understand – we have always had fashionable weddings, portraits, and product shots in the paying photo trade and fashionable art on the non-paying side. It is an ever-changing constant of the craft and can be relied upon to milk dollars and medals when skillfully done.

I can’t help thinking that it is a rather slippery eel, however, as while the basis of fashion – people’s desire to be admired –  never changes, the means to gratify this is as wide as the imagination of the world. To be on-trend you must know what the trend is, and you must know it at exactly the same time as everyone else. A minute late and you miss the train. A minute early and you are under the wheels of the social locomotive. It is the sort of timing that makes nuclear explosions look ramshackle.

It also begs the question of whether there can be on-trend engagements as well as on-trend weddings. Also on-trend marriages. And who sets the trend? It used to be thought that kings and queens did but look at Henry VIII and the future Charles III. Henry was a horror and I wouldn’t trust the current Crown Prince to set a jelly, let alone a trend.

On-trend dentistry? Yes, get your head bleached. On-trend podiatry? 6 toes are being worn on the Riviera this year, Madam…

To be honest I think I would rather stick to people who have either stopped following trends a long time ago or who have never started. They seem to have real opinions.

Like mine – mine are on-trend…


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