Much Ado About Me


I recently had a professional consultation with a website design firm with a view to combining this weblog column with ” Here All Week ” – my other platform. I had plans to make a fictitious newspaper and fill it with the stories from the two pages.

The design bureau chap had better ideas – a commercial website that would sell my little studio’s services while still allowing the blog writing to continue. I found myself being carried away with enthusiasm for the project.

Then came the quote for the design work, the setting up, and the yearly running of the site. It was all correct and reasonable for a business that might turn over ten times my trade, but not, I am forced to conclude, for me. I eat off the cheap end of the menu and sometimes I don’t eat at all. The only positive of this is I have maintained my slim and girlish figure through the years…

The next experiment will be to see if I can successfully read and use a book on setting up your own website with the commercially-available templates. I did succeed with one of these books that dealt with blogging – you are reading the result – and perhaps the companion volume on websites will be equally useful. It would be nice to have a slightly more personalised balcony to shout from if it can be done at a sensible cost.

If not, we will just keep using the services of WP for free – you’ll have to put up with the advertisements and I’ll just have to throw in the occasional selfie to stamp the thing as my own.


Note: This is next morning, folks. The cold light of… I think I have what I want by simply changing WP themes – Last night I did the Photographic Establishment and  I shall also change the ” Here All Week ” theme this week as well. The money stays in my pocket.



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