Art vs Artless


I think I might have termed that brain vs brainless but I’m not sure which one is which.

We have recently had an epidemic of cows in Perth. Art cows. Political cows. Craft cows. The heading image features one of them protesting about cruelty to bulls somewhere in Europe or South America.  One can only hope it does some good, though why exhibiting it here in Western Australia is thought to have any influence halfway across the globe beats me.

It has a certain feel to it – rather like the fake street signs that appeared a few years ago in Highgate attached to light poles at street corners. They were very well done with a font style quite reminiscent of the real street signs next to them. The fakes did have a different colour to the letters and a small logo attached to them…

They were the ” artwork ” of a visiting artist who had been paid handsomely by one of the city councils for the installation. European, I should say. They were vaguely unpleasant jibes at modern life and what someone considered to be the faults of modern business, suburbanites, or the government. Not too seditious…sort of the thing that you expect from sophomore political science students. The fact that they were paid for out of the council’s ( ratepayer’s ) purse should have been a topic of discussion in the street outside council chambers. Perhaps with torches and pitchforks.

I don’t think the cows have generated as much ire. No one has a beef with cows… ( Ow!) Oh. I’ll bet some pseud got paid to have them there and there was undoubtedly chardonnay involved somewhere, but then there always is in these things. And at least no-one takes the wrong way down the back street of Highgate because of them.

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