The Big Mac Combo

untitled-1Don’t get me started on the difficulties of ordering a simple hamburger in a fast food joint. I have tried to do it and found that in many cases it is actually impossible. There are so many layers of optional upgrading and combination that you lose both interest and appetite long before money changes hands. This is probably good for me – I avoid a great deal of junk food this way.

Not so with cameras and computer gear. Like most modern photographers I gleefully choose all sorts of different cameras, lenses, cards, computers, and computer programs to make my images. I frequently choose wrong – or rather fail to take into account the changing relationship that one maker has with another. The constant stream of new cameras brings a constant stream of new RAW programs and the equally constant need to upgrade computer programs to decode them.

By and large, I have coped with this, but recently found my enthusiasm flagging with a new camera – I am debarred from decoding RAW images with one of the basic programs I use and have not worked up energy enough to go and get the fresh program that will work. And I know that a new camera next January will have yet another new RAW requirement…

Would it not be nice for a camera maker of repute to enter into an agreement with a computer maker and a software company – both of repute – to make a package deal that would work right out of the two or three boxes…with as much facility and felicity as the JPEG system does? To have them agree NOT to change the RAW requirement and to integrate the thing seamlessly from the start?

I’d pay money for that. I’d even get extra fries and a Coke.


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