When Does Surreptitious Become Sneaky


A recent article on a page devoted to the Fujifilm camera system featured instructions on how to take photographs of strangers unbeknownst to them. It explained how newer cameras that could be controlled from cell-phone apps could be pointed at the subjects while the photographer was fiddling with the phone. The noise of the camera going off could be reduced by turning the shutter sound off and the AF assist light could be turned off.

The rationale was supposed to be that it let the photographer have a “purer” picture if the person photographed did not know it was being done. This might be a valid argument if it was done in studio – though if there was strobe lighting the lightning blasts might give the game away…

But no – this was to be done on the street or in the subway train. And there were suggestions of how to excuse it or get away with it if the subject detected the activity and objected to it.

What a crock. Open photography in a public place with clear intention and respect for privacy is one thing and intrusive snooping is another. Yes to one and no to the other. And no to encouraging people to do it. Little good ever comes of it and a great deal of harm is possible.

Now, mind you, fastening a camera to a stick and poking it through the windows of the Nurses Quarters on Bath Night is another thing. Perfectly legitimate, that…and I daresay the author of the article on the internet will eventually be able to tell us how to do it. After all, there’s probably an app for it…

Heading Image: Scene from the Goldfisch Studios production ” PEARL OF EL PASO ” starring The Divine Miss Jo. ( Now The Divine Mrs. Jo )



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