Eek Seems So Inadequate


The revelation yesterday morning that the Chinese DJI drone company is to become the owner of Hasselblad is a startling one, to say the least. The Luminous Landscape report that flagged it was quite detailed in its exposition of the troubles that have assailed the Swedish camera firm – and the efforts needed to resuscitate it. A particularly interesting read after we had all seen the new Hasselblad mirror-less medium format system, and were wondering when the actual cameras were going to start to be delivered…

As consumers we are the tail that is wagged, and we can only wait. It does put the spotlight back on Fujifilm with their new GFX system – also in the pipeline but not the shops.

Are we to see a Chinese/Japanese rivalry in this sector of the market? Are either of the companies dredging sand islands in the car parks of the other’s headquarters?

Is it time for the Flapoflex Corporation to announce their new large-format folding digital 360º travel 8K action game changing iconic blockbuster? Or shall we all just wait until Kodak re-releases Ektachrome and dig out the Contaflex BC?

Where did we put the flash bulbs?



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