Will Of Iron, Nerves Of Steel


Geez, I’d better be careful. If I am going to write stuff like that the ghost of Leni Riefenstahl will be popping up wanting to make a movie. And where would we get enough searchlights?

This testament to my character – by me – is occasioned by my resistance when it came to buying new camera bodies or lenses during the recent Cash Back offer from Fujifilm. It went on some time and extended over several divisions of their products. The premise was that you chiseled your way down to the lowest price you could get in the shop and then Fujifilm Australia added on a cash sweetener by redemption. More cash back on things they were desperate to sell.

It was nearly foolproof, as it did not depend upon you being a howling maniac at the counter. If there was a lens or camera body that truly fulfilled a genuine need in your Fujifilm X system then you were streets ahead waiting for this offer and going for it.

The sticking point for me, however, was the fact that I had discovered how good the previous acquisitions from Fujifilm actually were and then realised that I did not need to add additional gear to the bag. That’s a frightening point to be at if you are a gadget fiddler – you must either buy excess goods or be content with what you have. Contentment is a big responsibility.

I resisted until the offer expired. My photos have not suffered. I have over a thousand dollars saved through this and I am going to be able to apply it to the purchase of…


Of a new Fujifilm camera that is due to be announced in two weeks.

Hey, frugality and moral rectitude is all very well, but not during Cocktail Hour at the camera shop!


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