Less Than Candid Camera


Do we all remember ” Candid Camera “? The 1950’s-60’s show with Allen Funt operating hidden film cameras to catch people being embarrassed by set-up situations? We all laughed as victims were confronted with talking mailboxes, missing petrol caps on Chevrolets, and crazy people in store complaints departments. The scenes played out, the unwitting actors were made to look foolish, and then doubly assaulted when Funt made a last-minute appearance and told them they had been duped. A half hour of innocent fun…

Horse shit. It was, in retrospect, a half hour of sneering aggression. We were never shown the stunts that went wrong, and the only comfort that I can take from it all is that there must have been some that did. I hope that someone was able to punch Funt in the eye.

This has come to mind with a YouTube review of a manufacturer’s exercise in marketing that involved setting 6 photographers upon a professional model with 6 different tales told to them regarding the history of the subject. They were told to photograph the essence of the person based upon these tales. Sorry, I meant to say…based upon these lies.

They did, and were eventually told the truth, and then were gently scolded by the presenters on camera for judging the person upon the basis of the ruse that had been pulled on them.

Funt me. The camera makers are smarter than that and their products are good enough that they do not need to engage in this sort of promotion.


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