Speak To Me Of Thy Love


Please do not accuse me of inventing these things. I just report ’em as I read ’em.

Apparently Adobe is experimenting with voice control for basic photo editing – presumably to go with Lightroom, Photoshop, and Photoshop Elements. I quote from DP Review ” …robust mutimodal voice-based interface… “. While I admire the adventurous spirit of Adobe, I must say that they are a little late in the game with this development; I have had voice controlled picture editing for decades.

It started well back in the film and chemistry era. Anyone who has ever tried to load a stainless steel reel with 220 film in the darkroom will know what photographic language really is. In my case it was here in Perth. In the middle of summer the darkroom assumed the temperature and humidity of the engine room of a pre-dreadnought battleship transiting the Suez Canal. This caused the film to come to life and to resist enrollment vigorously. As a result, language was used. Powerful language. Language of moment. Language that needed to be scrubbed off the walls.

Later, when the early versions of Photoshop Elements were being compelled to do things that their designers never intended, new words were deployed. Slightly more technical, but with a good admixture of short Anglo-Saxon phrases. Anglo-Saxon in the digital age may seem an anachronism, but I can assure you that it is a good way to relieve tension. If you cannot have the throat of the designer of the computer program under your thumbs, words are a comfort.

On a serious note…are they serious? I have heard people in my family try to get a cogent response from the automated answering service of a telecommunications giant…and fail…so do the designers think that their genii can understand us any better? ” I did not get that. Please repeat. ”

Too much loose time in the tech lab. Too few real ideas. Too much hype.

It’s enough to make you use language…



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