Your Excellent Bogus 360º Virtual Final Adventure


Do we all remember Bill and Ted and their “Adventures “? Excellent, bogus, or other wise, I assume they made money for the studios and the actor’s agents. It would appear that they are on offer again for filming without film…adventures are now likely to be captured on tiny action or environmental cameras and stored on micro SD cards.

For my part , I can get all the trills and spills I want out of watching the point-of-sale video stands that sell action cameras and gear. They have a loop program playing showcasing the results of people attaching the cameras to themselves and then trying to get dead. I guess the lawyers have a hand in the final editing because we never actually get to see the ones that succeed.

This is a shame, as it leaves an unfinished chapter in the history of photography. We can see as many videos of births as we can stomach, and likewise every step along the way after that – the toddling, the bicycling, the school sports and assembly days, etc, etc. While they don’t often attach GoPro’s to the four-year-olds playing Mary and Joseph in the school Christmas play, there is nothing to prevent it. The frightening part of this is, once the video is taken, there is equally nothing to prevent the parents of the children from making a video loop of it and putting it on endlessly when you visit their home.

I know people who would do it in an instant.

Perhaps we really DO need to see the last moments of the Bills and the Teds who cycle off volcanos into killer whale schools. On a loop. If only to give us some closure. I mean, you can only harbour wishful thinking for so long before it turns into bitterness. And no-one likes a bitter killer whale.



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