The $ 13,000 Camera and Lens


It is simple to buy a $ 13,000 camera and lens. I can take you to a shop at 8:30 tomorrow morning and as long as you have cash or credit in a card that will ring through to $ 13,000 you can walk out with the camera and a good universal lens for it. You’ll be able to make digital negatives and work under lowish light conditions. If you wish to work under the very poorest of light you’ll need to bring $ 21,000 for a slightly better lens.

The camera will be well-built. It will be heavy. It will be precise. It will come in an extremely well-built box and be accompanied by a number of inspection certificates and assurances of quality. It will do what it promises; take digital negatives and JPEG images with commendable resolution and colour.

You will need to make sure there is enough in your account to afford a memory card as well.

Be careful. At that time of the morning there are people going into the same shop with $ 2800 and coming out with a rival’s camera that produces the same results at a lighter weight. If they get to the sales counter before you do they may monopolize the staff…and the sight of their happiness at a discount of $ 10,200 in comparison to yourself might prove to be extremely irritating. And no one wants to start the day badly.



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