The Golden Award Awards Are Announced


” The Australian Awards Association – the national body that awards awards to award-winning award winners has just announced the 2016 Golden Award Awards.

Highest honours in the International Superstar Mentor Ambassador Icon go to the four-times award-winning award winner. It was presented by the outgoing Outgoing Iconic International Legend. This marks the first time since the loss of the USS AKRON that an award has been awarded by someone who has won as many awards as the winner.

Donations may be made in memory of His Majesty, the late King Zog. Donations over $ 10,000 will attract an award. ”

I was reminded of the above yesterday when I attended a lecture and workshop run by a motorsport photographer. He was not introduced to us by listing his awards. He did not tell us of his awards. There were no little gold medals attached to his clothing like they do for wine bottle labels or North Korean generals. He stepped up to the microphone and started speaking plainly.

He told us what he did, and where. He told us how he did it. He told us how we could do it. It was a flow of sensible advice delivered without recourse to telling us how much money he earned or who had applauded him in the past. He did not use the occasion to promote himself or his work – though we did get to see examples on the screen of some of the best motorcar shots he had taken. He was honest enough to include some duds in the show as examples of how it can go wrong.

It was one of the most refreshing workshops or seminars I have ever attended. I was not asked to applaud emotions or politics or humanitarian zeal. I was not bombarded with fake hip talk or bad language. It was a chance to see a professional speak directly about his profession – that of making images – without having to listen to him promote his own image, brand, or product. He was speaking on behalf of a major manufacturer, to be sure, but could honestly do so as he was a user of their products.

I think I got an award, eh? I think he deserved one.



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