Special Premium Exclusive Limited Edition Luxury Designer Bespoke


Okay, That oughta do it.

If that doesn’t get the Hong Kong Chinese, the Russians, and the Arabs to buy this stuff we’re just going to have to try to get one of the English royals to accept a cased version as a gift and then blackmail them for a Royal Warrant. Then we’ll sell it in K-Mart.

Geez, this marketing lark gets harder every year. There was a time when we could make a decent profit off every camera we made and we could make the same thing for 10 years straight. The only time we needed to introduce something new was when the steel moulds for the old stuff wore out. Or when Kodak coughed up a corporate hairball and decided to drop a film format or size. Now we have to have three new world-class iconic game changers at every trade show and there is hardly time to visit the beer tent.

Mind you, where would we be without the nouveau riche, eh? Wherever they come from and however they have gotten their money, as long as they leave it at the counter, we are satisfied.



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