The Narrow View Widens


I was asked recently if it was difficult to think of topics for a photography-based weblog column – in particular for one that puts up one post a day all working week.

Not at all. If anything, it is difficult to marshal the material so as to get it all out there in timely fashion. The paid camera store blog runs with a backlog of at least 30 posts and by the time some of them rotate into the receiver, the goods have long been sold. This is actually frustrating.

I have suggested that the column run 6 days a week but economics dictate that it remain at 5. Sometimes it is a difficult thing to decide which story runs and which languishes. If I wrote for two commercial outlets I could say twice as much.

That is where this column is so valuable. I can get things out to you far quicker and with less commercial interference with this daily posting. Some of the stuff may be mere vapouring, but you never can tell where that sort of vague article might take someone. I have been sent off on profitable and artistic journeys by a phrase or a suggestion from daily conversation and I know how small an acorn of thought one needs to grow an oak.

To this end I am going to seek more information from fresher sources. Up until now I have accepted the order to source my material only from management downwards. I waited upon news of new products as they were selected by shop buyers. I was discouraged from talking directly to wholesalers or other retailers – and had little opportunity to speak to retail customers. As a result the stories have become feebler.

But I have now been brought to realise that I am no longer under these sort of strictures – I am an independent person who can offer products and services¬†openly…and can source my own information to manufacture those salable goods.

One more LOG has evaporated.


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