Are You Getting The New Medium-Format Camera?



It is not that I do not admire the new camera – I do. The design team has done a very clever job of making a larger sensor fit into a smaller body – the manufacturing teams seem to have been able to deliver the precision needed to make it work. The camera has been revealed at several venues and people I can touch have actually touched it. Insofar as that is evidence, I am prepared to believe it does exist and that we will see it on the shelves and ready for sale this year.

I am also ready to believe that it will be good – good technically and good in a business sense. people who need to do what it will do will benefit from buying it and using it. I suspect that it will be sought by professional shooters who are going to use it for wedding coverage, studio advertising shots, and portraiture.

I do those things right now, and the reason I will not be getting the new system is that the equipment I use – from the same manufacturer, I might add – does the job I need to do perfectly…and is all paid-for. No more money needs to go out of my hand to possibly inveigle more back in.

And even more to the point – the hype and advertising for the new system will not drive more customers to me. The people who see my photos and sometimes pay me for them do not pursue the same interest in camera systems that the retail trade embraces. They are interested in themselves and images of themselves, and the new camera will not make their depiction any better in their own eyes. Indeed, if it produces more resolution of skin surfaces it might very well turn customers away. As time goes on it furrows the fields it works and if those fields are cheeks and jowls and eye sockets, the result is evident. But no-one wants to see.

My current small-frame camera is kind to many and may necessarily need to be even more so in the future. I sympathise.

Note: Yes I know I could spend hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours re-touching sitters. Or I could spend the same amount of time and money on bottles of wine, cheese, crackers, and Victorian novels. I’ll let you know which I prefer…

Second Note: The heading image is the Fujifilm X-70. I would get one of these if I needed a walk-round street camera.


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