A Good Imagination Vs A Bad Imagination…


Vs no imagination at all…and I am starting to think that I should bank on that rather than either of the options in the title.

Here’s what happened…I was dead chuffed at completing the interior construction on a scale model today. It’s to be a 1:18th scale model of a Cobbers Caravan from the 1950’s. These things still exist and an owner of an original van has put extensive photos of it on the internet. I am making a model from these photos to complement my 1:18th scale car collection. If this seems strange, I assure you that there are even stranger things out there…

I will eventually be painting the interior of the model and then largely obscuring it with an external skin around the centre of the caravan. So i decided to record the detail before it is closed. Out with the Fujifilm X-T10 and a 27mm f:2.8 lens.

This is a very good go-to combination for nearly every snapshot subject. The X -T10 has magnificent high-ISO capability and the lens is extremely sharp. It approximates a standard lens for the format so there is little distortion.

But when you give the camera its head as far as white balance goes…setting it to Auto WB or even to full Auto mode…you are forced to get what it gives you. And the camera’s computer estimate of the colour temperature can be surprisingly inaccurate.


This is the result – you get to see the structure, but the vile yellow of the tabletop and the white foam-core board is unreal. The cause of it is probably the fibreglass skylights in the ceiling of the workshop, but the circuit in the camera is doing nothing to render the scene back to the actual colour of the real workshop.


The final example has gone through the RAW processing engine of Adobe Camera Raw and I selected Fluorescent as the white balance. It is far closer to the real perceived scene – even though there were no fluorescent tubes alight at the time. It’s one more step, but I think it is going to be vital to accurate record keeping in the future.

We live and learn. I wonder how many pictures I’ve jiggered up in the past by depending upon the AWB?

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