As Soon As I Opened The Card…

gh010The wonderful extra programs that the modern digital camera makers put in them are somewhat of a puzzle to the old hands. We have spent ages selecting and many thousands paying for cameras that produce detailed RAW images…and then spent more ages and money on the decoding programs that let us see them. We have agonised about chromatic aberration, resolution, MTF curves, bokeh, diffraction, and distortion…and then we occasionally turn a knob that makes the whole thing look like it was taken on a Lomo.

In any other hobby this would be a signal for the men in the white coats to step forward out of the shadows and net us.

Dodging away from this prospect, we gleefully turn the dial more and are rewarded with watercolours, pop-art, sepia, toy train effect, high-key, low-key, skeleton key, and a half-dozen more impressionistic renditions of the RAW data. For a brief period of time we can be Japanese schoolgirls. Artistically¬†I mean, not with the uniforms and the pigtails…

The reason this came to me…besides the Japanese schoolgirls…was the result that popped up on my computer screen this week as I recovered the images from an impromptu shoot. You’ll have seen the white balance results in an earlier column – I much preferred having the things available in RAW form and then tuning the colour to suit myself. But I had incautiously switched the mode lever on my Fujifilm X-T10 to ” Auto ” and given it its head. The punishment was the odd WB and the fact that the camera downshifted to JPEG for all the shots.

Thank goodness it was a minor shoot and I was not caught out on a chromatic limb through my own foolishness. I will remember it in future. I daresay it would all have been fine if the shoot was outside in clear sunlight or clean shade – the Fujifilm JPEG images are sharp and clean in most cases. But it is not the setting for indoor work where you need to be critical.

There are only so many times you can get away with being Sailor Moon…


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