Dive And Climb Indicator


My Fujifilm cameras have an artificial horizon indicator inside their menus of which I make extensive use. The function displays a white line across the finder screen that turns green when I have leveled the camera – but it only monitors the levelling side to side – not front to back. I can dip the camera forward or tilt it back and there is no indicator change.

This is a grave lack in the brand…and I would wish that they could remedy it in the future – probably before they waste computer space or design energy in giving us the Hello Kitty settings or the unborn chinchilla body coverings. because we need to keep the camera level.

We do if we are taking landscape or architecture or product shots – shots where verticals and horizontals have to be exactly that. Shots that do not distort the packaging of either dog food or humans. If we can have the cameras exactly centred and levelled – as we did in the good old monorail 4 x 5 camera days – we can breeze our images through post processing. Otherwise it is a case of fighting our way throgh distortion sliders and grid patterns – and sometimes we do not have enough clear space about the image to get a full correction.

As it is now, I find that an additional accessory is required – a slide-on bubble level that goes into the hot shoe to let me judge of the tilt. Theat same hot shoe has to serve as connector for the strobe synch so the exercise is always slower and less precise.

The sobering thought for Fujifilm is that there are other mirror-less and compact makers who do have this sort of indicator in their camera menus right now. The lack is not enough to cause one to desert the brand and lose money in system change, but it is a constant annoyance.


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