Positive Happy Photography Blogging


Vs cynical gloomy photography blogging. I can’t decide which I like more. When I am caught between the two desires I turn to Ken Rockwell and get a little from Column A and a little from Column B.

Ken is currently occupied with blasting the makers of medium-format DSLR cameras…he also has the designers of mirror-less cameras in his sights. Neither of these classes of camera would seem to please him and their manufacturers are being castigated as ” garage-shop ” ventures. He’s managed to include the adjective ” girly-man ” to describe the size of a digital sensor.*

Yet you can look at other recent columns that praise mirror-less cameras from the firms he likes… and previous columns that extoll the virtues of the ” garage-shop ” makers’ products.

I miss out on a lot of sensational news and startling exposés here at the Little Studio – by the simple expedient of never clicking on the Facebook sidebar links. I may have missed out on fabulous riches and ultimate power. And a trick to get rid of the wrinkles. But I do know that if I want the ultimate in sensational and changeable commercial writing, I can turn to Ken. He is a tonic – possibly in the vein of some of the pharmaceuticals of the 19th century…

Currently he is writing in praise of Canon – possibly tomorrow it will be Nikon. Both worthy companies. I am also willing to be that if the American wholesale representatives of the other ” garage-shop ” manufacturers manage to strike favourable commercial contracts with Adorama, B&H, and Amazon that Ken will suddenly discover the worth of their products. A daunting prospect for those parent companies, I daresay. The Japanese are a circumspect people…

* Ken would be fun in a bar after a couple of rounds of drinks. I would hang upon his every word. So, I suspect, will he. Eventually…


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