Love My Images Or I Will Hate You

footOops. Sorry. Made a mistake there. That should have read ” Love My Images Or I Will Hate Me “.

Because I am my images. They might be tourist beachfront shots, or bare paddocks, or out of focus wildflowers, but if you do not say that they are iconic game-changing superstars of images, I will lose all respect for myself.

Of course, if you do love them, but are not offering any tangible prizes for them…I  will let you in on the hate a little. If you love them and copy them and use them as advertising pictures in your election pamphlet for your local town council but fail to award a prize I can actually spare a great deal of hate.

If you just screen grab them and use them on your Facebook post and write illiterate memes on them I will have to see whether or not I support your political candidate before I decide which emotion to use. In some cases credit would be nice, and others are better anonymous.

If you grab them and Photoshop them ragged and then claim that it is some sort of fair dealing or creative commons or university-sanctioned research I will kick you. Until you stop stealing from me. You get to decide how long the kicking will go on for.

If you contract for images and then do not pay for them I get to decide how long the kicking goes on for…and I have a terrible time making up my mind these days.

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