The Quiet Voice Of Reason



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Normally I like quiet voices. As long as they are not telling me to kill the other passengers in the train, I figure it is alright to listen to them. Whether I pay them any actual heed is another thing – if they are political or commercial voices I sometimes hesitate.

When I call them up on the internet, I figure that it is only fair that I give them a fair hearing – after all it was I who took an interest. Thus I will read most of the DP Review articles of the day and all of the Fuji Rumours leads. I will even dip into Ken Rockwell from time to time, though I find his style obnoxious. I can also not stop myself from the feeling that his copy is the result of commercial dictat rather than real journalism.

I am not going to be too harsh on him for that aspect of it – my writing for the camera shop that I worked at is based upon what is for sale in the place. But I have been given enough seaway that I can steer the ship of print away from outright pluggery. I do not try to sell the stuff that is unsalable.

The readers of all internet sites can also do themselves a favour by applying the test of the calm voice of reason. If they ask themselves whether they really need to contemplate new equipment or whether it is just a settled, unsettling habit. Given the fact that what they own already has done what they need already, do they need to go out and throw $ 2000 over a counter, already? If people are honest in their own minds they may hear the quiet voice say ” no “.

I suspect that we would all be better off to listen for a voice suggesting a new idea to be tried or a new technique to be mastered, rather than a new product to be bought. It will probably be cheaper and more beneficial in the end…unless our chief problem is piles of cash blocking up the entrance to the hallway. In that case it can be thrown into the tills of the merchants with a clear conscience.

Note: I speak with a halo. This week I learned how to use another section of Photoshop elements to mimic the full Photoshop program and spent no money doing it. This gives me a head start in the self-righteous stakes for the next time I want to spend money.

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