The Camera Of The Year


That is a very misleading headline…and the person who doing the misleading is reading their computer screen right now. It is you.

You know what you think I meant, and I know what you think I meant, but I didn’t mean that at all. I meant what I wrote…

Okay, if you are still reading and have not thrown the corn flakes bowl through the screen…here is what I meant.

There has been a movement, fashion, idea…call it what you like…for a group of photographers to use one camera only with one lens only for one year. They are meant to take at least 5 shots per day with it, and make one standard sized print from it per week. They meet for socialising and exhibitions and apparently have a whale of a time.

In a commercial job like I do – illustrating products, covering dance shows, doing weddings, etc it might be thought a little bit brave or a big bit stupid to limit oneself like this. Indeed, some of the things that required might very well not be possible with the one lens…or might they?

It is time to sit down with the Photographer’s Secret Weapon. It’s not duct tape, if you were thinking that…it is a pad of lined paper and a yellow pencil. The PSW allows one to think of all the possibilities and requirements and whittle the choices down. You can draw airplanes and trains while you are doing it. Also make shopping lists…but the chief attraction of this plan is the idea that one will not go shopping – or at least not in the camera and lens section of the photo retailers – and at least not for a year.

A good idea? Will it compel me to be a better photographer or condemn me to being a worse one? Will my output soar or suffer? Can I exercise discipline in the face of what are undoubtedly going to be new products on offer and new financial deals? Even in the face of cashbacks? Fujifilm new releases?

Dang. There’s a question. I’m going to have to put the kettle on and think about it. It is almost tempting…A year of enforced savings.


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